CoachingMindful Breath Meditation to feel a little calmer and less stressed

Mindful Breath Meditation to feel a little calmer and less stressed

Did you know that gently focusing on your breath for a few minutes during your day can support you in feeling more grounded, clear-minded, and less reactive? We are now knee-deep into the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and I bet you might be feeling overstimulated and overcaffeinated just getting through the day. So, let’s hit the pause button and see if it is possible to reset your nervous system to feeling a little calmer and less stressed by practicing this meditation. Once you get the hang of it, you can practice on your own whenever you feel yourself getting tangled and caught in your mind or the demands of life.

You have these ever-present amazing inner resources like patience, kindness, and acceptance but these can get hidden behind the challenges of life. Practicing breath meditation is a way of strengthening your ability to be present to yourself and your life, and when you practice over and over, these inner resources tend to rise to the surface.

When we have space to breathe, we remember to be kind to ourselves and everyone around us. This is who we are. Mindfulness helps to find our way home, one breath at a time.


Note: I offer a brief introduction and some suggestions to support you in the meditation. The actual meditation begins at 5:14.




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